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Incarceration - Sacrifice (2013, ep)

Incarceration - Sacrifice
  1. Forsaken And Forgotten
  2. Sacrifice
  3. Cemetery Of Lies

2010, Incarceration was born in Amazon-Brazil as an one man Death Metal band by D. Duracell. The song 'Sacrifice' was written. Sounds pure Death Metal with lyrics about suffering and death. 2011, more riffs were created and Incarceration moved to North Germany. 2012 the Split Digital CD "Decrepit Aberration" with Escarnium is released. 2013, new songs are finished and the line-up is complete: Daniel Duracell (guitar and vocals) Michael Koch (drums) and Björn Freese (Bass). The EP "Sacrifice" is recorded and released in tape format (FDA Rekotz-Germany), CD (Dawnbreed Records-Holland / Misanthropic Records-Brazil) and vinyl (Dawnbreed Records-Holland). After excellent feedbacks around the world, the band realize an European tour with the Brazilian band Escarnium. 19 gigs through 7 countries. Plans for 2014: Debut Album, Party San Open Air (among other fests) and tour on the second semester.

official Forsaken And Forgotten videoclip

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